City Saver Fundraiser Coupon Book

Tennessee Titan Cortland Finnegan and all the top selling City Savers

Former Tennessee Titan Cortland Finnegan and
all the top selling City Savers

City Saver offers your organization a fun and exceptionally easy-to-sell option for raising funds fast. You can earn as much as 50% with each book sold. And best of all, there’s no upfront investment or risk. City Saver works for any organization ranging from sports teams to church groups and of course—schools.

In these tough economic times, families are looking for more ways to save while spending less on the things they don’t need. That’s why magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper and snacks have become less effective as fundraisers. City Saver offers your purchasers something that actually SAVES MONEY. That’s why it’s so effective.

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With one or two uses, the book pays for itself! High value coupons from your LOCAL favorite restaurants, fun stuff and select shopping are included. Most offers are buy-one, get-one-free or 50% off. With this kind of high value, purchasers become extremely loyal to the program.


At City Saver, we know that if you’re not successful, we’re not successful. That’s why we stay with you every step of the way. Whatever you need —from turnkey marketing plans to student assemblies to help stuffing packets—we’re always standing by ready to help.


Books are provided on consignment, so there is NO upfront investment and whatever you don’t sell, you just return, so there is NO risk!


Books Sold……Profit Earned

1-99…………..$ 9.00 per book sold
100-199…….. $10.00 per book sold
200-299……. $11.00 per book sold
300+………… $12.50 per book sold


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